When I started photographing climbing, sport climbing was born. A new sport! The international panorama that surrounded the image of climbing - mountaineering and traditional climbing - was weak. I would rate it testimonial. With honorable exceptions, but generally: souvenir photos. I found a world where photography could move forward and do new things. Together with other photographers in other countries, we developed a type of photography that catapulted the climb. Specialized mountain magazines emerged and companies created products that needed fresh, new and impressive images. I was lucky to be able to sell my photos all over the world. The late 80's and the entire 90's were really vibrant. I traveled a lot, photographing climbing everywhere, always trying to produce origina, high quality work. Today, although there are hardly any magazines left to publish in, I continue to photograph this very particular world. I do it with dedication and with care; Thinking that every shot has to be good. I keep looking forward to the climb. It is the way to shoot motivated and that the work is good. Above all, I am always looking at was to improve what I do.