I am a journalist. It is what I wanted to be as a child, it is what I studied and it is the work that has led me to travel around the world to discover stories and be able to tell them. You could say that I lived the golden age of photojournalism. Those were the times when the phone rang and they told you 'you have to go to Hong Kong to do a report ...' or to Kenya, or to photograph the Yanomami or simply to document the Munich beer festival ... Each place had its charm , but also its challenge. My challenge was to bring better photos than anyone else, surprising stories. To do this, I did not rest for a single moment, I was not satisfied with the postcard snapshot. I'd sneak into people's homes to get an elevated shot of somewhere. I'd convince a Scottish Lord to pose at the door of his castle, or a priest to gesticulate more wildly during the course of a Greek wedding, to which I ended up being invited. I related to people. I have always liked to photograph up close. I wanted to tell in images the experiences I was living.

I published my photos and reports in mainstream magazines, newspapers and weeklies. For a time I combined my work as a reporter with that of an Image and Sound Lecturer. Another step that brought me closer to looking at photography in a didactic way; To translate my experience into teaching.


I have always been an enthusiast of nature and mountains and their sports. I have been a paragliding pilot, I have dived and I have tried many adventure sports. I have photographed them all. Climbing is the one that I am most passionate about and the one that I stayed with. I have been climbing for more than 40 years. I became a mountain guide and since the beginning of sport climbing in Spain, I became one of its promoters. It is when I realized that something else could be done in what was back then a sector that lacked images. I began to create a pioneering style of photography, in which I applied techniques that had not been used before. I looked for a new visual language. Since then, and as another part of my job, I have published hundreds of photoshoots in mountain and sports magazines around the world. I have also taken part in advertising and marketing campaigns for many international brands in the sports sector. Along the way I have published books, guides and calendars… I keep climbing and I keep trying to convey the intensity of this sport and any other linked to the great outdoors.